Yoga Therapy Workshops

200 Hour Teacher Certification Program

with Joanne

MARCH 2023 – OCTOBER 2023

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

Our 200 Hour Teacher Certification Program is for students who wish to teach Yoga or for dedicated students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga. The program consists of 8 weekends (Friday night, Saturday & Sunday). The course spans eight months from March 2023 to October 2023.

Jana’s Assisted Thai Yoga

with Jana Davis

What is Thai Massage?

Also known as yoga massage, assisted yoga, ancient massage, and assorted other names, Thai massage respects the body’s limits, while encouraging clients to reach their edge of flexibility, but never beyond. Thai massage incorporates acupressure, massage, and passive-assisted stretching, where therapists help clients move into their stretch.

The work is purposely slow as the therapist guides clients through the movements, being ever mindful of their physical limitations. Some say the combination of movements and focused awareness during a Thai massage session creates what looks like a slow, flowing dance between practitioner and client.

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Yoga Therapeutics

with Joanne

Schedule 60 minute Private Appointment
Address Your Personal Needs & Goals

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Yoga Therapy can help people who are dealing with stress and disease or those who simply want to increase their sense of health and well-being. Yoga Therapy is designed to address your individual needs and your personal goals. The yogic techniques utilized can range from restorative yoga poses to more active poses, breathing techniques, meditations, affirmations, and visualization practices.

Yoga teaches us how to regulate the nervous system and affects the way our brains process information which leads to a powerful reduction of stress in our everyday lives. Yoga is a holistic approach to health that considers the mind-body connection. The Yoga Therapist works with you to discover your body’s innate power to create physical, mental and emotional balance in your life.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed for those who may have limited mobility, prefer not to get up and down off the floor, are working with injuries, or anyone else who would like to try yoga in a chair.  We stay in the chair the entire time, moving all major muscle groups. 

We will do spinal movements in the chair, slide our feet around on the floor, move our arms around, do “standing poses,” sun salutes, and much more in the chair.  Your whole body will get a workout.  JJ will begin and end each class with breath-work or a visualization, and she brings breath-work into the movement

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Pre-registration for ALL workshops is strongly recommended. Space cannot be guaranteed for those that do not pre-register.Workshops that do not have the minimum number of pre-registrants will be canceled.

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